Open Gardens

The Open Gardens is set in the environment of urban gardens that form a unique park area encircling the tallest top in the entire city; atop of which stands the historically valuable Špilberk castle. It is a truly unique space to experience nature, technology and city gardening, serving both as a model and blueprint for smart city development and a hub for nurturing civil society and environmental innovations. Come touch, smell and imagine how our future may look!
Admission is voluntary and it helps us maintaing and developing the space.
Opening hours
The outer area of the Open Gardens will be open for public on 1st April 2017 again. Until that you can rent some of our indoor seminar rooms or enjoy our events. Office desk opening hours
Monday–Friday: 9AM–6PM
Where to find us
Open Gardens
33 Údolní Street
602 00 Brno

Contact us
phone number: +420 778 436 469